About Steve

I’m Steve Findley. I lived out of a suitcase with my wife Lou for over two years. When I started on this journey I didn’t know where it would take me but I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have learned along the way – it has changed my outlook on life.

On my travels, I continue to search for my passions – the beach and basketball.

It has taken me awhile to learn and adopt the tools required to be successful online. Initially, I didn’t realise I could be successful selling from my laptop, especially in the competitive world of business to business. I’m glad I have proved myself wrong.

Being remote has actually worked to my advantage in many ways, the experiences I have gained through travel have taught me how to relate to people from all walks of life, a valuable skill in the sales environment. The digital revolution has opened up the world for salespeople, allowing us to create a presence for so many more people to see.

The modern salespeople will realise the power of digital and social to create a presence that brings sales to them. They’ll understand that modern sales, more than ever before, combines many disciplines from marketing, public relations, and content curation, through to sales presentations and closing.

I hope that you enjoy my writing, and if I can help you transfer to the remote life or understand sales in the digital world please don’t hesitate to reach out.